TCE Group Collaborates to Connect 


TCE Group works with partners in collaboration, and is aimed at pharmacists, pharmacies, insurance groups, and assisted living facilities in providing customers workflow efficiencies and new revenue streams in a pharmacy-centric suite that includes prescription ordering, telehealth, audits, reminders, AI monitoring, and alerts.


PK+ Telehealth Suite is the result. It is a B2B telehealth solution marketed by TCE Group, an Ontario-based engineering company and IBM business partner, consisting of modules developed internally and in concert with B2B partners. 


TCE Group was pleased to announce that they had signed a technology agreement with OneCare for their world-class, best practice healthcare management system that provides predictive, preventive, and proactive patient monitoring services. 

TCE Group launched the world’s first online pharmacy in 1999


OneCare and TCE Group engaged in a virtual collaboration long before pressure from the COVID crisis began restricting travel and changing the way we work. All initial meetings and follow-ups were done via phone or email (and sometimes Slack). Negotiations for new products and technical meetings will continue to happen that way. 

A quick history on OneCare:

Founded in 2011, Marietta, Georgia-based OneCare operates as an adherence management company dedicated to bringing technology to the management of chronic diseases. The company’s technology provides much-needed assistance to persons with chronic conditions (and their families) for the improved management and administration of patient care plans and protocols. OneCare’s interactive patient engagement platform communicates care plan details to the patient and caregivers in real-time and collects the patient self-management data through telemetry. OneCare’s technology was designed to reduce the impact chronic disease has on patient outcomes, on family caregivers, and on the high cost of health care.

Pharmacy Terminal Prescription Filling | | Pharmacy Kiosk | PK+ Remote Pharmacy Terminal

Telehealth services:

  • Video Chat capabilities for Telemedicine 
  • Integration with Patient Care plans & education (including COVID), notifications, alerts 
  • Just-in-time inventory control for pharmacies & wholesalers
  • Automated refill reminders, Online order tracking
  • Mobile apps integrated with kiosks
  • IBM-sponsored development of AI for in-home patient monitoring