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The PK+ Telehealth SuiteTM

The PK+ Telehealth Suite™ is an integrated digital application that provides healthcare providers & their patients with advanced, convenient, and secure access to a wide range of telehealth services. As well as virtual pharmacy order processing and tracking.

The PK+ Suite is made up of several digital applications that can be applied as wholly integrated services or as specialized parts to be integrated with a provider’s system, depending on specific needs. We’re constantly developing new tools to better meet healthcare needs!

Beyond our existing solutions, TCE Group can develop unique functionalities tailored to meet customers’ business needs. Play the video and learn why use the PK+ Telehealth Suite.  


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The PK+ MyVideoJoin module offers patients a secure connection to a licensed healthcare provider (doctor, nurse, pharmacist, or third-party contractor) who can offer health advice during online appointments booked in advance. The module includes an audit trail feature for billing purposes, providing the date, time, and a transcript of each meeting and language translation. Read more …

My Video Join

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PK+ MyPharmacyApp is a virtual pharmacy ordering application for both prescriptions and over-the-counter medications. It includes our patented pharmacy order authentication system and a number of additional tools to handle your customer orders. Our prescription fulfillment process is the only patented system on the market that allows patients to order their prescriptions without ever requiring in-person authentication. Read more …

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The PK+ Pharmacy Kiosk, our earliest PK+ product, is a terminal-like ATM machine that allows customers to conveniently order prescription drugs and pharmacy products 24 hour a day by using an Internet-enabled service kiosk located at your premises or remotely at a location of your choice that complies with current regulatory requirements. The kiosk is fully integrated with PK+ MyPharmacyApp where patients place their order using the app and dropping their original prescription in the kiosk savings time and trip to your pharmacy. Read more …


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The unique regulatory process of prescribing cannabis has created a market gap in electronic processing of these prescriptions from a medical document to an insurance claim for submission to an adjudicator under the jurisdictional standard, for Canada, the CPhA Pharmacy Claim Standard. Read More …


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PK+ OneCareTM is a platform for patients and caregivers that will provide a wide range of useful services to keep vulnerable and elderly patients as independent as possible for as long as possible. It includes vitals monitoring with optional hardware, and disease-specific education for Asthma, CAD, CHF, COPD, Depression, Diabetes…etc. Read more …


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IBM Watson Artificial Intelligence (AI) is an optional module for the PK+ OneCare Platform. This module will analyze patient vitals and health data for the care plans in which they are enrolled and learn from that data. It will then generate notifications for trends within normal value ranges and alerts for values outside of normal ranges. Read more …


Why use the PK+ Telehealth Suite for your business?


With the current aging of the population, we’re seeing a rise in demand for convenient personalized healthcare. And in today’s digital world, internet infrastructure is growing exponentially and smartphone usage is proliferating. PK+ is a pioneer in creating innovative integrated digital solutions to meet the needs of end-users in a growing healthcare market.

In this context, the PK+ Telehealth Suite provides a range of benefits, including reduced costs for providing healthcare services, more convenience for patients, and better health outcomes, especially for chronically ill patients. In particular, chronically ill Medicare beneficiaries in the US will be eligible for coverage of certain programs that PK+ technology can facilitate.

PK+ allows you to enhance your service offering without having to build the technology and platforms from scratch.

What is the future of Pharmacy?

Read the full article in the Canadian Pharmacists Journal Jan/Feb 2019.

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