PK+ MyPharmacyApp

PK+ MyPharmacyApp is a pharmacy ordering application for both prescriptions and over-the-counter medications. It includes our patented pharmacy order authentication system and several additional tools to handle your customer orders. Our prescription fulfillment process is the only patented system on the market that allows patients to order their prescriptions without ever requiring in-person authentication.



The PK+ MyVideoJoin module offers patients a HIPPA Compliant secure connection to a licensed healthcare provider (doctor, nurse, pharmacist, or third-party contractor) who can offer health advice during online virtual appointments booked in advance. The module includes an audit trail feature for billing purposes, providing the date, time, and a transcript of each meeting. Services are available in English and other languages and are adapted for end-users with visual and hearing impairments.

Data Retrieval


Cloud storage


Translation Services


Speech to Text




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