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PK+ ADV-Care Pharmacy App

PK+ MyPharmacyApp

The PK+ ADV-Care Pharmacy App provides a direct link to ADV-Care Pharmacy, our affiliated online mail-order pharmacy based in Canada that services Canadian residents and non-residents and ships to Canada, the US and the rest of the world. With ADV-Care Pharmacy, patients can order new prescriptions, refills and over-the-counter medications. The app includes drug search capabilities, allergy and medical profile updates in addition to payment processing for customers’ orders. This product provides the back-end infrastructure to connect to your existing front-end interface. This means you can offer your customers access to a convenient online pharmacy ordering system using our patented pharmacy order authentication method.

ADV-Care Pharmacy app | Refill Prescription anytime | Order New Prescription on-the-go

ADV-Care Pharmacy offers Mobile app for iPhone, Android and Amazon App store . It allows you to easily manage your prescription profile & documents, Fill/Refill your prescription orders, manage all your medication & appointment reminders quickly and easily using apple and android devices.

Use your Mobile to download the App from Apple APP store, from Google Play Store or from Amazon App store – search for “ADV-Care pharmacy” or “Canadian Pharmacy”. Read More …


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